About Us

Harris Electric is headquartered in Seattle, adjacent to Lake Washington ship canal and the industrial maritime hub at Fishermen's Terminal. A branch facility located in Dutch Harbor, Alaska provides the necessary support for the harvesting of seafood and other marine related industries of the North Pacific region. Services are also available throughout coastal areas in Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii.

Harris Electric has consistently outperformed the competition in delivering reliable products, desirable results and guaranteed proficiency. Often associated with higher profile jobs, Harris Electric is also well suited for the less complex endeavors of troubleshooting, assessment and replacement of failed parts and equipment. An extensive store department of spare parts makes timely fixes a routine matter.

Our well-tuned team of dedicated shop and field electricians, project managers and design/engineering staff, combine to provide a realistic approach in meeting the particular needs of individual customers.

Impressive efforts have overcome extreme conditions of challenge and adversity, adding credence and recognition to the Harris Electric reputation.


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