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Jack Harris established his electrical business in 1928, performing electrical work, both marine and shore side. Arvid Ohman started at the company a year later and became a partner with Jack just in time for the great depression. Ohman took over Harris's interest in the business during those tough times and decided to keep the Harris company name.

A Swedish-American named Vic Sundholm joined the company before the Second World War. He went to work as chief electrician at TODD shipyard during the war, then returned to Harris Electric in the late 1940's.

One day in 1959, Arvid decided to sell the business to Vic. A boom in the tugboat business in the 1960's kept Harris Electric busy servicing customers like Crowley, Foss and Puget Sound Freight Lines.

Vic's son Dick joined the business after earning a degree in electrical engineering and spending two years in the US Coast & Geodetic Survey.

The 1970's were an important turning point for Harris Electric in many ways. The Alaska fisheries were well underway to becoming a major supplier of seafood to the markets. In the latter part of the decade a shipbuilding frenzy unlike anything seen before, created a massive demand for electrical and electronics services. This boom led to opening a marine electronics division at Harris Electric.

Erik Sundholm joined the company in 1995, working in sales and purchasing in Seattle and Bristol Bay. He became manager of the marine electronics division and then president of the company.

More than eighty years later, the company is a multi-faceted electrical contractor and marine electronics firm, but the founding principles of craftsmanship and integrity continue to guide the firm.

In April 2018, Mackay was pleased to take on the majority of Harris' employees and customer accounts and we intend on upholding the historical efforts of Harris as we seek to grown and learn from one another.

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Harris Electric is now closed, Mackay Marine did not acquire Harris.


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